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What Is Bubbles?

Bubbles Curriculum is a complete solution to the Modern Preschool Education. It comprises the first ever Day-wise Play school curriculum and teaching methods for nursery, Pre-primary 1 (LKG) and Pre-primary 2 (UKG). We provide supporting books for upper three classes. Buying this curriculum would be one step solution to all your preschool curriculum academic needs.


Based on Hi-Scope and Montessori methodology , Bubbles offers Child-initiated approach for teaching toddlers. As, this is a well researched and field tested curriculum, it ensures Joyful Learning for kids. This is just not a collection of themes and activities. It changes the academic culture of your school. Bubble philosophy in other words reflects in its 3 C’s Curriculum- Child, Content and Context.

Organized Lesson Plans

We have micro-scheduled all that has to be taught in your school to help teachers save time on preparing lesson plans. Now, by following Bubbles curriculum, even a new untrained teacher can maintain the standards of your Preschool. We have documented even the conversations that a teacher has to carry out in class. We also provide term-wise assessment sheets which you can customize according to the syllabus covered.


As Bubbles has been designed specially for non-franchised independent preschools, we have taken care to make it affordable. The cost of curriculum per month per class is much less than what you pay your teacher. And this is just a one time price. Also, we have Credit Card Online Payment Option. We deliver the complete curriculum and one set supporting books to your door step.

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Why Bubbles?

LEAP Educational Ventures and Indianplayschools.com initiative
A Child -Initiated Curriculum for Joyful Learning

Bubbles Curriculum has been conceived and developed by Mrs. Lalitha Naidu, Secretary for Indian Association For Pre School Education, a National Level body. She has around three decades of experience in Early Childhood Education. Her core belief in education can be summed up in three words which she is very fond of – purpose, passion and pedagogy. She also has a personal vision to bring about quality education which is paramount for the country. Our mission is to give the children a pre school experience which is both purposeful and joyful. We have designed keeping in mind the needs of teachers, students and the preschool as a whole

  • Delivered to 100+ schools

    Bubbles has been dispatched to preschools in Jammu, Assam, Gujarat and Kerala. We have Pan India Presence.

  • Handy Guide for Teachers

    This is a handy tool for your teachers to know “what to teach”, “when to teach” and “how to teach”. We provide teachers training CD, term-wise question papers and one set supporting books free of cost with Curriculum

  • Ensures Joyful Learning

    Children are encouraged to “construct’ their own knowledge by pursuing their personal interests and goals, guided by trained adults


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Lalitha Naidu Injety

Curriculum Developer
The brain behind conceiving Bubbles Curriculum for making preschools impart best practices in Early Childhood experience. Her knowledge is three decades rich and yet she is always ready to explores preschoolers and guides schools.
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Developer of Indianplayschools.com, she has discovered the need for an organized curriculum for independently running preschools. You can reach her at 91-9849125091 or drop a mail to indianplayschools@gmail.com
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Client Relationship Manager
Always enthusiastic to listen and learn, she has been crucial in maintaining our client relations. You can contact her for any queries regarding bubbles curriculum on 91-7306416220 or drop a mail to geeta.indianplayschools@gmail.com


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