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Digital Play School Curriculum

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          Bubbles Curriculum is Now available in Digital Format. We have tied up with Bulbul Apps Inc., the No.1 App store performer in the kids animation, to deliver the best digital curriculum to your preschool. Now you can PLAY the concepts to your students in your Audio-Visual room or through a simple projector in a classroom. The rhymes, stories and activities have been arranged week-wise in Bubbles Curriculum Box. The same can be downloaded by the Parent in the form of an App on their mobile too. 
         Now you do not have the need to search for animation content on websites. The package includes a huge variety of learning material. Teachers can choose from the large library of books. Parents can show not only the content taught in school but also play interesting stories from the collection available. Performance reports of interactive sessions can be generated. This is an ideal way to know how much a child has learnt a certain concept.

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Kids Learn rhymes quickly when they watch and sing along. We have created attractive HD quality rhymes with foot tapping music. Our rhymes go along with the concepts. For example, if body parts is being taught, we have rhymes related to the topic. This way kids learn while enjoying the music.

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A picture is worth 1000 words. So imagine what a good quality video can do. The characters of stories are chosen carefully and the language used while reciting the story matches with the age group of the child. Children also learn accent and remember the animated story for a long time which can later be enacted by the kids too.

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Interactive Activities

Children love playing games on mobiles and tabs. The activities on the concepts learned can be assessed using interactive games like matching,  jigsaw puzzles etc., This will actually not appear to them as examination though the program sends feedback to parents as well as teachers regarding the progress of the child.

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