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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Play school Curriculum

1)What Methodology has been followed while framing Bubbles Curriculum?
• Bubbles curriculum is based on a research project carried out in the field extensively for almost 10 years. Tried and tested in the field. It is based on the principles of “Active Learning”, the base of which is High Scope Methodology of USA. An Indianized version was developed during this research project. LEAP and Bubbles curriculum is based on this.

2)For how many days of the year has this curriculum been developed for?
Any school will function for around 36 weeks in a year each week comprising of 5 working days a week. And therefore this curriculum is there for 36 weeks.
Bubbles day wise curriculum has been designed for all the working days of the year. It follows 5 day week and 9 AM to 1 PM timings

3)What does the package include?
The supporting books include the following:
• The curriculum to be followed for that month
• The activity sheets in Language, Math, EVS and plenty of colouring activities for Fine
motor development.
• Daily schedules given will further enhance the learning by including more activities which are hands on and skill based.
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4) What material do I need for executing this curriculum?
• Daily schedules give you the list of equipments and materials which one requires for implementing the curriculum.
5) Can I publish this curriculum with my school name?
• This curriculum is copywrited. However, one can use it for one’s own school with their name but they cannot publish anything in their name and market it for other schools.

What is the price of the curriculum?
Please see the Pricing page

Do I need to sign any agreement?

How and when after the payment will the curriculum delivered to me?
The curriculum will be posted to you by a courier service and the person will receive it within one week of making their payment and sending the agreement

How should the payment be made?
Bank transfer.


How can I order for more number of books (for students)?
You have to send an order for the required number of books and also make the payment for the same.

How long do you support us for our queries regarding curriuclum?
We offer one year free support through phone or mail.
Will you train our teachers for this curriculum?
The curriculum is pretty self explanatory but still if one needs training it is at an extra cost based on
Do you have branches or executives?

Which schools are following your curriculum?
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